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Through its fruitful years of experience, ETRANET GROUP presents a verified partner in the field of electronic transactions. By continuously monitoring technology and improving our employees, we strive to respond to the demands of our users (clients) by maximizing the respect of technological, safety and professional standards.

We provide our clients with rich and reliable expertise, consultations and evaluation and implementation of innovative solutions with a focus on the areas of non-cash business (issuance and acceptance of cards and other forms of electronic payment) and advanced POS (Point Of Sale) / POI (Point Of Interaction) systems, on a turnkey basis. Our extensive experience in all critical fields of technology ensures optimal use of resources in the implementation process, with maximum business results, rapid market exit and competitive product and service.

In addition to selling IT solutions tailored to the needs of the client, we offer other business models such as equipment rental and advanced ‘Cloud based’ applications based on the principle of IaaS (Infrastrucure as a Service) and SaaS (Software As A Service).

Mission – by implementing modern technological and security solutions, respond to the demands of the electronic transactions market and ensure that clients quickly and painlessly launch new and quality products and services

Vision – to maintain and improve the level of service to current and future clients as a respectable and recognizable partner in maintaining existing and developing new services and channels of electronic transactions.

Corporate values – customer satisfaction, employee commitment, reliability, innovation

ETRANET GROUP – ‘Your partner in electronic business’

expertise › counseling ›implementation of solution › quality assurance › maintenance and support

  • ETRANET in top five small companies, nominated for Golden Marten award of the Croatian Chamber of Economy in 2018

  • ETRANET Mini Fiscal Register was pronounced the best application solution at the Cartes trade fair

  • A reliable partner and supplier of leading international and EU companies, such as: Deutsche Telekom, Uber, Ultra…

  • We are a distributor of leading international producers such as GEMALTO (cards) and INGENICO (EFTPOS)

  • The developed EFTPOS system of mobile cash registers for INA marinas and ticketing solutions for bus transport companies.

  • Quality support is available to users 24 hours a day; field support in the entire Republic of Croatia

  • In the Republic of Croatia, we maintain over 25000 EFTPOS and POS/POI devices in user locations for: OTP bank, Hrvatski Telekom, BILLY, ZABA (Atos), Optima Telekom, Iskon Telekom…

  • We are specialized in making and certifying card profiles according to VISA and MasterCard specifications

  • Services covering preparation of card data, as well as personalization of the cards and PIN numbers for banks and card clubs

  • We are here for you if you need consultation, project or development services, or perhaps a complete solution.

From the field of electronic transaction systems, we offer equipment and applications for processing international and local credit and debit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, DINERS…), loyalty programs, electronic wallets, sale and reservation of tickets and tickets, distribution of vouchers and other electronic goods, closed-loop payment solutions, authentication and access control, and complete POS cashier solutions.

For the implementation of these applications, we provide the following:

  • transactional EFTPOS (Electronic Funds Transfer Point of Sale) terminals
  • POS cash registers (mobile and fixed, ‘all-in-one’ device) and additional equipment
  • central “Cloud based” information system for collecting and authorizing transactions and parameterizing POS devices at points of sale
  • 0-24 customer support (call center, service center, field support)
  • magnetic and smart cards (contact, contactless and hybrid, PKI…)
  • creation and development of card products and certification by card companies (VISA, MasterCard…)
  • personalization and distribution of cards, including PINs
  • other CAD (Card Acceptance Devices) devices for accepting smart cards
  • consulting and project management

In the program of smart cards and CAD devices, we are a distributor of the company GEMALTO, the largest and most technologically advanced world manufacturer of smart cards and related technologies.

Gemalto equipment in Croatia is used by almost all major banks for the needs of e-banking and card business, as well as mobile phone operators (gsm cards).

 the area of ​​EFTPOS terminals, we are a partner of Ingenico, the largest manufacturer of EFTPOS devices and related equipment. Ingenic’s terminals are the most represented EFTPOS devices on the European market, where we successfully market our solutions.

At the Cartes fair in Paris, Ingenico awarded our solution ‘Mini Fiscal Cash Register’ as the best application solution in 2013.

In the Republic of Croatia, we maintain over 25,000 EFTPOS and POS/POI devices at the user’s location.

  • Expertise

The features of today’s business are continuous monitoring of market and end-client requirements, continuous development of new products and services, and rapid market entry. Banks, telecoms and other service providers must follow these trends in order to remain competitive on the market. ETRANET GROUP provides its clients with timely insight into technology, systems, products and services, from presentation and analysis to support and implementation. With thorough technology expertise, we enable clients to focus on business modeling of products and services, while technological aspects are the focus and specialization of the ETRANET GROUP.

  • End to End solutions

UIn the framework of a global environment saturated with numerous systems and solutions in all areas of information technology, optimization of solutions, reliability assurance and the possibility of expansion with new services and business processes become fundamental requirements for the design, implementation and maintenance of information systems.

  • Contact center and technical support

The complexity of today’s business processes, systems and infrastructure necessary for competitive business requires flawless functioning and continuous monitoring and maintenance of the system and its components. Through the contact center, we provide online support to clients and end users. The willingness of the contact center to provide timely and professional support to clients and the speed of intervention in the field are crucial for providing top-notch service 

  • Maintenance of POS/POI equipment at the customer’s location

ETRANET GROUP is one of the largest providers of POS and EFTPOS device maintenance services in Croatia. End-user support and maintenance of systems located on the user’s side belong to the most logistically complex area of ​​maintenance. With strategically distributed certified repairmen and through local service centers, we cover the entire territory of Croatia, including the islands.

  • Consulting and project support

We provide consultation and project management services, introduction and implementation of payment services, identification, authentication and access control, as well as other services in the field of card business and electronic transactions. In addition to the products of our partners, we provide clients with a “turnkey” service that includes support in creating the functionality of the service itself, system design, implementation, and testing and maintenance.

ETRANET GROUP d.o.o. / eng: ETRANET GROUP Ltd., is a limited liability company duly established and operating in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Croatia, with its registered office in Zagreb, Ulica Frana Folnegovića 1B, Croatia, OIB 36044044039 and which is registered with the register of the Commercial Court in Zagreb under number (MBS): 080602491. The founding capital of the company is HRK 3,000,000.00. The company is represented by Mr. Damir Lesničar, director.

Number of full-time employees: >50 (with affiliated companies)

  • Employees and management of the company

We owe the company’s success to our employees – competent people with an entrepreneurial spirit, always ready to accept new challenges. For this reason, we always strive to attract the most talented people to our company. International trainings, the possibility of innovative learning and the provision of the opportunity to assume responsibility for operational activities are provided to the most talented employees at an early stage. We have a strong and experienced team capable of reaching all common goals and achieving continuous growth of the company’s operations.

Management, procurement, sales, development and support are activities that we perform through our own employees.

We perform other tasks such as accounting and financial consulting as well as marketing and PR activities through external associates and partner companies highly specialized in their fields.

  • Research and development

We continuously monitor the development of payment and POS/POI technologies and offer our clients new and challenging products and services. The focus of our development team is currently systems and services for contactless payment by cards and mobile devices (NFC) in a multi-acquiring environment, and advanced cashier systems that cover the needs of all types of sales outlets. We provide our clients with full support in designing, planning and implementing loyalty solutions. Additionally, we launched a central cloud-based server with an application for booking and distribution of various types of tickets and electronic goods through several different sales channels (online, POS, mobile application, self-service kiosk).

  • Quality assurance

Testing and certification are an inevitable part of the implementation of any product or service in electronic business. The technological complexity of the system and the standardization of business processes require professional testing and certification of products and services. ETRANET GROUP offers test solutions and testing and certification services for all aspects of the system, from the card to the terminal to the processing center.

  • Testing and certification

Testing and certification are an inevitable part of the implementation of any product or service in electronic business. The technological complexity of the system and the standardization of business processes require professional testing and certification of products and services. ETRANET GROUP offers test solutions and testing and certification services for all aspects of the system, from the card to the terminal to the processing center.

  • Company locations

The main office of the company is located in the business part of Zagreb, not far from the main city roads and the ring road, which makes the location accessible by personal and delivery vehicles. The location is also easily accessible using public transport (tram, bus).

Business address (Main office): Radnička cesta 177, HR-10 000 Zagreb, phone: +385 1 6402 000

We are locally present in the following cities of the Republic of Croatia:

Split, Rijeka, Osijek, Bjelovar, Poreč, Zadar, Dubrovnik.

ETRANET GRUPA is present in the entire region through affiliated companies and partners.

.,.,In Croatia, we install and maintain a network of over 22,000 POS and EFTPOS devices for OTP Banka, Hrvatski Telekom, Zagrebačka Banka, etc. The services cover the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia, including the islands.

We have implemented and certified our multi-acquiring payment solutions on Ingenico EFTPOS terminals for clients such as Sepay (Netherlands) and Paynation (Belgium). We developed the Innovative All-in-One Mini Fiscal Cash Register on EFTPOS terminals, with which we achieved exceptional success on the market (more than 12,000 users) in cooperation with Hrvatski Telekom, and received the Ingenico award for the best application in 2013. We also became part of the European M2M partner program at the level of the entire Deutsche Telekom Group. Our clients for fiscal cash register solutions on EFTPOS terminals are also Raiffeisen Bank, Optima Telekom and Iskon Telekom. We have developed an application solution for fiscalization of exchange transactions and purchase of checks for all branches of Splitska banka, as well as for fiscalization of catering establishments in the Franjo Tuđman Airport. We implemented the first DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) service implementation project on EFTPOS terminals for Erste Card Club..

For INA’s needs, we implemented a mobile cashier solution integrated with INA’s card payment system and back office. A solution for issuing invoices and charging cards at self-service ice machines using existing Ingenico Telium EFTPOS terminals was also successfully designed and implemented.

n the area of ​​payment cards, our clients are PBZ – Amex, INA, Petrol, etc. We are the original creator, integrator and supplier of equipment for the first Diners chip card for Internet shopping in the world, the so-called e-card. We supply a complete portfolio of Visa and MasterCard cards for Splitska banka and Croatia banka. We realized a long-term project of Smart Chip event bracelets for ULTRA EUROPE festival, OBONJAN and MTV Summerblast festival, intended for payment of services and access control.

In the field of ID cards, chip cards, smart tokens and equipment for authentication and digital signature, our customers are CNB, FINA, Karlovačka banka, Hypo Alpe-Adria Bank, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of European Integration, Institute of Public Health of the City of Zagreb etc. We were the first on our market to supply and deliver java cards with support for biometrics for the needs of Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank corporate cards. In addition to the listed clients, there are various merchants and clients for loyalty and ID cards such as Cinestar, sOliver, Karting arena, Diplomat Duty free shop, American Chamber of Commerce, Iris, KHL Medveščak, Wienerberger, Maras, Beiersdorf, Dubravica and many others.

For bus carriers Panturist (Arriva), Čazmatrans, Autoturist, a “Ticketing” solution for issuing and validating tickets via EFTPOS terminals has been developed and integrated. Fiscal sales and card payment are also enabled on the devices, which makes the solution a unique All-in-One solution. In the second phase, the solution was expanded with our innovative ‘Online booking’ system, which enables the reservation and distribution of various types of tickets and electronic goods through several different sales channels (online, POS, mobile application, self-service kiosk.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, we have in production a mobile Top-up/e-Voucher solution for four distributors supported by all telecommunications operators, as part of which we delivered GPRS terminals, a server and a client application. For a company from the United Arab Emirates, we created a solution for automating the VAT refund process (Tax Free Shopping) via mobile Android POS devices.

Years of successful business on the domestic and international market, clients’ trust in ETRANET GRUPA d.o.o. they are a confirmation of our quality and reliability.

Our partners


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Ingenico smart terminals have been leading the payment terminal industry for 30 years. Ingenico offers the widest range of smart terminals that combine the most advanced technologies with the latest security requirements regardless of local regulations, business sector or payment method.


nexgo 500x350 1

The company NEXGO, founded in 2001, is a global manufacturer of high-tech payment terminals. PIN pads and POS hardware and software. NEXGO operates worldwide through a network of partners, with over 25 million terminals sold in more than 70 countries. 


sunmi logo

Shanghai Sunmi Technology CO., LTD. Ltd (SUNMI) is a technology company that was founded in 2013 and is focused on the production of POS terminals and desktop smart devices based on the Android operating system intended for retail and hospitality.


futurecard 500x350 1

Since its foundation in 2003, Futurecard designs, manufactures and personalizes cards for banks, public institutions, telecom operators and merchants worldwide. The company also produces paper tickets, smart-tickets and scratch cards.

gemalto thales




The global leader in digital security and certificate-based smart card manufacturing offers strong multi-factor authentication in a traditional credit card format, enabling businesses and organizations to meet their PKI security needs.

sunmi logo


Founded in 2018, iMin is a service provider in the field of intelligent business. We integrate thoughtfully designed hardware solutions with the latest IoT, AI, and cloud upgrades to help businesses run more productively.

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