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This summer, Montenegro also introduced online electronic fiscalization, giving us the opportunity to expand into this market.

Although Montenegro has had fiscalization for several years through the so-called poreske registar kase, as of this June, Montenegro are in the process of transition to a form of fiscalization that is very similar to that in Croatia. Namely, from now on, invoices will be fiscalized online, via the internet-connected fiscal cash registers.

Thanks to the flexibility of our Billy fiscal solution, with the help of the local Montenegrin partner Montora Software, we have expanded the offer of our Billy fiscal cash registers and Billy fiscal solution to the Montenegrin market in a very short time. Thus, it is already possible to order Billy fiscal cash registers in full compliance with the tax laws and fiscalization regulations of Montenegro through local website and other sales channels of our partner.

With this, Montenegro has become the 5th country in which Billy fiscal cash registers or Billy solution for fiscalization are present. Namely, Billy fiscal cash registers or Billy solution for fiscalization are available in Croatia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Romania and henceforth in Montenegro.

In this way, our Croatian fiscalization solution covers almost a third of all European countries that have mandatory fiscalization of invoices.

Billy fiskalno rješenje (plavo) Billy fiscal solution (blue) covers almost a third of European countries that prescribe some form of mandatory fiscalization of invoices

Of course, expanding to Montenegro is not the end of our ambitions – thanks to the adaptability of the Billy fiscal solution and our experienced developers and fiscalization experts, we have the opportunity to offer a customized Billy solution for fiscalization of the fiscal cash register in other countries for our local partners.

Contact us at if you want to offer Billy as our local partner a solution for fiscalization and Billy fiscal cash registers in your market.