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Card Business

We facilitate the process of purchasing and using cards with services such as creating a card, personalizing them, preparing data, creating a video design of cards.

All types of cards, pendants and bracelets for various purposes

  • Purpose: Cards are most often used as payment cards, loyalty cards, membership cards (fitness centers, clubs, associations, etc.), gift certificate or prepaid cards, employee identification cards, etc.
  • Technology: According to your needs, we will use appropriate technologies, such as barcode, QR code, magnetic tape, chip cards, contactless cards of various standards and modern virtual cards.
  • Format: Together we will choose the most suitable tab format for your needs. In addition to the cards to which we are all accustomed, we offer bracelets and pendants for special purposes..

Development of payment card profiles (testing and certification)

ETRANET has many years of experience in the field of making payment card profiles (CPV). It is a complex process that harmonizes the settings of all payment cards (Debit or Credit) with the specifications of Mastercard or Vise. The goal of CPV is to ensure that each payment card meets the latest personalization requirements of Mastercard and Visa.

Graphic design card

We will create and personalize cards for you, prepare data, and with our many years of experience help with card graphic design. In addition to making it practical, attractive and recognizable together, it will comply with the standards defined by credit card companies (EMVs).

Payment and other card personalization service (optical, data, PIN printing and mailing)

Personalization of cards, and especially smart cards, is a complex process that involves the manipulation of confidential data. It is therefore necessary to provide adequate infrastructure, organization, equipment and adequate staff. ETRANET Group has a long and thorough experience in card personalization services for various business sectors.

With us is the process of personalization is simple thanks to our innovative portfolio of our services, maximum flexibility, reliability and security.

Preparing data

Whether they are bank payment cards, closed-loop payment cards, personalized loyalty cards, public transport payment cards, accreditation ID cards, identification and other cards, data preparation is technologically and professionally very complexprocess.

Additionally, the process depends on the technology used – magnetic cards, smart card chip, contactless card chip – which brings additional specifics to the process itself. Several manufacturers, service providers, software solution vendors and others can often be involved in the preparation of data. Finally, the overall solution should be integrated with the business process of the service provider Client.

Today’s IT technology enables the outsourcing of such specific technological processes while ensuring confidentiality and security of data and maintaining a simple smooth business process.

Since this is a complex process, we offer a consulting service to choose the best solution for your needs and environment.

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