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Tabs and readers

We facilitate your card procurement process and offer a wide range of contact and contactless smart card readers.

All types of cards, pendants and bracelets for various purposes

We help you choose the most suitable format and technology for your needs. In addition to all well-known cards, we also offer bracelets and pendants for special purposes.

  • PVC cards are a very well-known format of a bank payment card for everyone. This format is by far the most used and offers various possibilities of personalization of shapes and formats according to your wishes.
  • Bracelets are increasingly used, for identification and as a means of payment at festivals, in the hotel industry, in public pools, nightclubs, catering establishments and as control bracelets or only as identification bracelets. The possibilities of personalization and purpose are innumerable.
  • Pendants have increasingly been used to control access in buildings. They are highly resistant, made of solid plastic and as such are an excellent choice for a commonly used outlet control medium. There is a possibility of making and pendant lined with leather for a classier look. We can incorporate Mifare, RFID into the pendants.
  • The RFID sticker has its application for logistics, identification, asset tracking, inventory management, e-tickets, etc. Despite the built-in technology, stickers are affordable. You can use the labels to track assets that are in charge of a particular employee or owned by a particular client.

Futurecard cards

FC-Purse is a solution for the most demanding issuers looking for advanced value-added services that allows them to increase card usage or generate new revenue.

FC-Purse supports loyalty scheme applications, ePurs, identification cards, data storage, etc.

FC-Purse Card Specifications:

  • JavaCard 3.0.4
  • ISO 7816 -1-2-3-4
  • 172 K of memory
  • Contactless chip Mifare
  • Cryptography DES / 3DES

Gemalto payment cards

It has loaded a solution for the most demanding issuers looking for advanced value-added services that allow them to increase card usage or generate new revenue.

Optelio supports the same EMV application for payment and authentication but also offers you the opportunity to reach new markets. For example, you can combine EMV with value-added features such as developing custom applications for loyalty schemes, ePurs, data storage, private banking, etc.

Optelio payment card specifications:

  • EMV Applications
  • DDA
  • from 8K to 72K memory
  • Contactless chip Mifare
  • More options:
    • All EMV applications comply with CPS personalization standard
    • PKI Applications (IAS v3)
    • Support biometrics

Equipment for authentication (PKI smart cards)

In order to increase the level of security, more and more service providers offer the option of saving the private key on a card instead of on a computer. In addition to the appropriate PKI cards, we also provide appropriate application support on the client side and systems and application support for service providers, which includes the generation, distribution and management of clients, cards, keys and certificates.

IDPrime MD smart cards are based on the PKI certificate, they provide a high level of security of the identity of the user trying to gain logical access to the network. Built with proven smart card technology, IDPrime MD cards are strong, easy to use, and never burden users with long, complicated passwords or unwieldy hardware devices.

Regardless of the need for security, regardless of the job function, IDPrime MD is the perfect solution for your needs.

The IDPrime product portfolio consists of a variety of cards with different options to choose from, including contactless technologies, certificate type and secure storage.

Advanced protection is achieved using two-factor authentication: something users have (token/card) and something users know (their PIN).

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Card and smart card readers

  • Smart card readers connect to your computer using a USB port. They are ideal for internet banking, authentication and identification on network systems and applications and the use of PKI infrastructure
  • The magnetic card reader is a simple solution for reading magnetic cards with easy installation and small dimensions. It reads Lo-Co and Hi-Co magnetic cards, has audible and light signals, and the ability to connect via USB connection.
  • NFC Card Reader: A contactless card reader is a device that allows you to read the information contained in the card chip without physical contact with the card. We offer readers for all popular NFC operating frequencies (13.56 MHz, 125 KHz, 840 MHz, etc.) that connect to the computer via USB interface regardless of the frequency of operation. Data readings also regardless of frequency can be done through various computer programs.

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