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ETRANET Group was part of a consortium under the leadership of Hrvatski Telekom, which delivered a unified solution for the purchase of tickets in public transport, shipping lines and payment for parking for the City of Šibenik and City Parking.

Šibenik’s public company Gradski parking presented an application through which citizens can buy tickets for public city transport and the Brodarica-Krapanj boat line, pay for parking and get information about free spaces in individual parking lots.

This is for citizens the most visible part of the comprehensive project “Integrated mobility – increasing the number of passengers in public city transport” – an EU project jointly implemented by the company “Gradski parking” and the City of Šibenik , and which can rightly be said to be one of the most significant in Šibenik of EU-funded projects that are changing the traffic picture of Šibenik.

As part of the project, an underground logistics center was built in Šibenik’s Poljana, a study of the organization and integration of public transport was made, 11 new low-floor buses were purchased, city bus stops were digitized and a traffic application for smartphones was created – in which the ETRANET Group also participated. as part of a technological consortium under the leadership of Hrvatski Telekom, together with the company Parklio.

The project was created as a response to Šibenik’s biggest traffic problems, namely the lack of parking spaces for residents of the old city center and the islands, as well as the poor quality of the previous bus transportation, as well as the fact that different forms of public transportation were not connected to each other.

The construction of the underground logistics center in Poljana created as many as 256 new parking spaces. New buses have been acquired that operate on new city lines, together with computerized bus stops – and all of this is rounded off by this application, which allows citizens to quickly and easily buy tickets for public city translation, boat lines and pay for parking in Šibenik.

This successful project was financed from the EU Competitiveness and Cohesion Operational Fund. The total value of the project is HRK 99,847,705.83, of which HRK 73,801,381.09 was co-financed from the Cohesion Fund, and HRK 13,023,773.13 from user funds.