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EFTPOS & Payment Applications

In addition to payment applications on Androda and GPa systems, we offer TMS and KMS solutions and Add Value applications to combine multiple solutions on one device

Android payment application

We have developed our own payment application on Android in accordance with EMV standards (Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Diners…) and it is currently compatible with Nexgo and Ingenico EFTPOS devices.

Our advanced Android payment app supports all standard functionalities such as:

  • Sale
  • Instalment sales
  • Pre-authorization
  • Cancellation
  • Return
  • Conclusion

We have integrated the app with our fiscal solution and advanced Ticketing & Online Booking.

Cloud TMS (Terminal Management System)

A terminal management system (‘Terminal Management System’ or TMS for short) is the remote management of the network of EFTPOS terminals with the aim of parameterizing the installed application on the same, monitoring the status and updating existing functionalities.

TMS contains a terminal database, a front-end application in the form of a Web administrator interface and a back-end server that is used to communicate with the EFTPOS network.

The main functionalities of our advanced TMS are:

  • Remotely update the new version of the terminal application
  • Remotely charge different types of files
  • Remotely load application parameters into the terminal
  • Overview of the current status of terminals and actions done at the terminal in history

Closed-loop & prepaid Android app

It ensures easy payment of products and services in hotels, tourist destinations, conferences, clubs, etc. Closed-loop payments apply electronic wallet technology and simplified payment processes to provide users with the possibility of non-cash payments with a quick time of implementation of the solution. Payment is based on one of the proven technologies: contactless card or pendant, smart chip card or NFC mobile phone. By filling the electronic wallet at points of sale, directly via a mobile device or through an internet portal, the client can currently dispose of funds on an electronic wallet. As a payment service provider, you have complete control over the status of individual users’ electronic wallets, as well as an overview of the points of sale and their traffic. It is also possible to restrict the acceptance of the card to certain points of sale depending on the business schemes of the product or service. Filling the wallet or transferring money can be done by cash at the point of sale, by paying by credit card of the bank or, for permanent users of the electronic account, through direct debit of the client’s account (direct debit).

Add Value apps

It is possible to combine our innovative solutions on EFTPOS and POS devices. For example, on one device, you can have a payment application and a fiscal cash register

  • Fiscal cash registers
  • Ticketing, Loyalty,
  • e-Voucher & Top-up
  • Smart city
  • Tax free

GPa - EFTPOS payment application

Generic Point of Interaction Application (GPa) is an application that replaces the rigid concept of payment and other applications of existing POS devices.

The GPa terminal connects to only one point – the GPa driving system and its role is to provide multi-host functionality by forwarding the transaction to the appropriate acquirer or service provider. We have developed a modern payment terminal application that supports all standard functionalities such as:

  • Sale
  • Instalment sales
  • Pre-authorization
  • Cancellation
  • Return
  • Conclusion

KMS (Key Management System)

Our KMS system and advanced Remote Key Injection (RKI) system function, i.e. remote key charging, enables fast and secure charging of cryptographic keys on the device at the point of sale. The system provides a more affordable, faster and safer alternative to the traditional manual process of charging with cryptographic keys.

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