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ESL – Digital Labels

The most advanced technology of digital labels

Digital labels give you the ability to show prices in two currencies. They come in sizes from 3.9 to 25.9cm, with screens in black, white and red. A proven sales booster and an essential part of an efficient and connected store, Billy labels have unique and critical features for digitizing physical retail.

Digital labels are essential for digital in-store upgrades. They make in-store efficiency and workforce savings, a more enjoyable and interactive experience for customers, making shopping more enjoyable than ever. Small dimensions are suitable for places where the goods are densely placed. Suitable for shops, supermarkets, fruit shops, electronic stores.

How digital labels work

System Architecture

Our digital label management software supports implementation on the cloud or locally, depending on customer business decision.


Our digital label management software can be integrated into an existing customer system through API to achieve data synchronization.

Portable infrastructure

Our goal is to provide clients with the basic foundational platform for a fully self-contained smart retail infrastructure to enable maximum efficiency and cost savings in store operations.


  • Super long battery life up to 8 years
  • Multi-colored display

    Multi-colored display that comes in 3 colors (Black, red white)

  • Long battery life

    Replaceable long-lasting batteries, lasting up to 8 years

  • Wide angle of review of labels
  • Operating temperatures from -25C to 40C
  • NFC

    Built-in NFC for connecting to smartphones, submitting offers, and switching to a new page

  • Dynamic changes and flexible promotions

    Schedule promotions in advance, any tasks that will be booked in the label and enable promotion on time without an engaged workforce

Benefit of digital labels

Get an automatic price change, reduce the time of replacing paper prices by more than 80%

As we all know, changing prices can have a significant impact on sales. Thousands of price labels need to be exchanged for any price adjustment or promotional activity, which is a tedious, error-prone task. The unique advantage of electronic labels is that they can achieve automatic price changes through the system and achieve online and offline price synchronization and information synchronization.

Saving time
Automatic price adjustment can help employees take the time to work harder, such as helping consumers or adding up important products. Freeing employees from boring and low-value work is an important measure to improve human efficiency in trade

Correct price
Traditional labels have a high error rate. After using electronic labels, the error rate may be reduced to less than one sixth compared to traditional labels

Quick price changes
Retailers often have complicated price processes, and the use of electronic labels can greatly shorten the process of executing price changes. Through the back-end system, price management in stores can be realized with one click


Set up templates for different types of products, and standardize the appearance of digital labels according to your needs

Central Monitoring System

Data management is essential for all retailers, while the key performance of the central monitoring system relies on stability, security, high competitiveness. Billy provides an online digital ethics management system that tracks statuses (price change record, battery status, network and base station) for each individual store.

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