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Hotels, restaurants and cafés greatly benefit from using digital shelf labels to inform and boost sales of various products and services.

With its very wide range of applications, it’s no wonder that ETRANET DigiTag digital label system is very much suitable for the HoReCa industry – hotels, restaurants and cafés. One such user is the Petrius Caffe Bar who recognized the advantages and possibilities of using the ETRANET DigiTag system in their business.

The modernly decorated space of the Petrius Caffe Bar, which is located within the eponymous business center, and the ETRANET DigiTag system of digital labels make a perfect combination. Within this location, 24 digital labels in one of the most popular sizes, 2.66″ are placed, displaying a QR code that leads to the menu. The very concept of using digital labels enables very quick changes to the menu itself and the addition of current promotions.

Also, two 4.2″ digital labels of are used as part of highlighting current actions and contribute to the attractiveness of the space itself. Those also take advantage of ETRANET DigiTag’s ability to display product images.

The entire venue is covered with one base station used to connect the digital labels, which enables the smooth operation of the system itself. The client opted for the cloud implementation of the ETRANET DigiTag digital label system, which enabled them to quickly implement and train the staff on the use of the system.

In addition to the most popular sizes and use cases already mentioned, ETRANET DigiTag offers many other possibilities. With display sizes of 2.66″, 2.9″, 4.2″, 7.5″ and 10.2″, our labels can display QR codes, product images, highlight special promotions (happy hour, daily, weekly etc.) and ensure regulatory compliance (ingredients, alergens).

Especially interesting are so called freeze tags which reliably work up to -25°C and are uniquely suitable for refrigerators and refrigerated display cases for ice cream, cakes and similar HoReCa products.

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