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Texo trgovina’s latest flagship store in Samobor is fully powered by our DigiTag solution with over 4000 labels showing accurate and up-to-date prices synced with ERP, bringing significant cost savings and freeing up sales staff

For their newly opened 700 m2 flagship store in Samobor, Texo trgovina has chosen ETRANET DigiTag electronic shelf labels solution – working with our experts, Texo has chosen to deploy some 4,000 electronic shelf labels in two sizes – 2,9″ and 4.2″. The entire store is covered by 5 base stations which ensure secure and reliable communication with each digital label.

Naturally, ETRANET DigiTag solution is integrated with Texo’s ERP system, so any changes in prices in the ERP are quickly reflected on the store shelves. Thus, the staff in the store has more time to devote to the customers, which greatly improves customer satisfaction – employees have more time to communicate with customers and understand their real needs, resulting in enthusiastic shoppers who are likely to buy more.

In addition to this, within ETRANET DigiTag, Texo has at their disposal numerous templates for showing information on each label, ensuring that all legal and regulatory mandated information is preset and correct, as well as easily deploying special templates for special sales, promotion, clearances and other.

With over 20 years of experience, Texo trgovina is the leading distributor of self-adhesive and other types of tapes in Croatia, with more than 250 products under its own brand. A large selection of protective tapes, foils, packaging tapes, silicone and mounting adhesives, pure foam, protective tarpaulins, foils, sealants, adhesives and other products from the DIY segment make up the whole of TEXO products. The products are present in paint and varnish stores, construction material warehouses and shopping centers, counting over 1,000 partners throughout Croatia. In addition its own TEXO brand, Texo trgovina also distributes some 6,000 products of the world’s largest manufacturers in the DIY segment such as Akzo Nobel brands (Dulux, Hammerite, Sadolin, Sikkens, Supralux), Bostik, Star brite, Motip Dupli, Storch-Ciret group (Rota , Kana, Prep), European Aerosols (Motip Dupli, Dupli Color, Presto, Colormatic), CO-ME, Boldrini, Mirka, Monto, The Rives and others.

We sat down with Magdalena Močan, Head of Retail Sales at Texo trgovina to learn more about their experience with DigiTag.

ETRANET: Working with you on implementing our DigiTag solution we’ve learned that Texo is quite a large operation…

Texo: Surprisingly so, 250+ products under our own brand TEXO is just the tip of the iceberg. We are working with over 1,000 partners all over Croatia, ranging from small local paint and varnish stores to large retail and DIY chains, where we also distribute over 6,000 products from leading European brands. All this we serve from our main warehouse with some 3,000 pallet spaces, delivering all orders to our partners within 24 hours (48 hours to the islands).

ETRANET: What motivated you to look into electronic shelf label solution?

Texo: As mentioned, we are quite a large operation, and we are used to looking into optimizing business processes on the distribution side. So when we started planning opening our first retail store here in Samobor, being new in this retail side of the business, we wanted to do it right. We sat down with our customers who run their own retail stores and quickly identified some areas we can improve on in our own store. We wanted to free our staff from as much manual and time consuming labour and give them more time to talk to shoppers and really learn what they need. So for one, printing, cutting and placing prices on shelves was out of the question since the store is large enough that would take up too much man hours.

ETRANET: What do you think is the greatest benefit of introducting ETRANET DigiTag solution?

Texo: We’ve reduced costs, have always accurate and up-to-date prices thanks to integration with our ERP system, and our staff has more time for customers. Also, by using various templates built into DigiTag we can satisfly all legal and regulatory demands, and at the same time easily run promotions and clearance sales. We don’t dread defining a new promotion or changing the price of an item – what we change in the ERP is quickly reflected on the store shelf label.

ETRANET: Based on your experience, would you recommend ETRANET DigiTag?

Texo: Wholeheartedly. We can’t imagine running a store this big (or even bigger) “the old way”. If you are a business with many products and locations, running daily or weekly sales and promotions, ETRANET DigiTag makes the entire operation a breeze.