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Fiscalization & POS cash registers

A simple and effective solution for online fiscalization and fiscal cash registers on EFTPOS and Android POS devices is tailored to different types of business

Fiscalization for large users

Cloud solution for account fissure is our fiscal solution that integrates with your system for issuing and sending invoices. We have adapted the implementation of fiscalization for large users such as banks, post offices, retail chains, car companies, etc.

The clients we can single out are Uber Czech Republic, Uber Romania, Franjo Tudjman Airport, BILLY POS Slovenia and BILLY POS Croatia.

Fiscal cash registers for small and medium-sized users

  • POS Device
    A desktop or portable POS device with three functions in one device — cash register, POS printer, and fiscalization. Each fiscal cash registers supports internet connection – wifi or via 3G mobile network.
  • Security and management
    A cloud management system that records everything in real time Your transactions, manage and change the parameters of the POS device if necessary. All your data, including all invoices issued, is securely stored on our servers and available 24/7/365. In case of damage or loss of the POS device, it is possible to quickly and easily replace and reconstruct it with all stored data. User data can also be exported to various ERP and bookkeeping programs for further processing.
  • Program
    The cashier program has been developed and adapted to work on different types of POS devices. Our software packages cover a wide range of business needs of small and medium-sized traders.
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Mobile cash register integrated with petrol services and backoffice systems or ERP

The mobile Cash register reserves a power unit for refuelling on petrol services and allows card billing on mobile EFTPOS devices. It is especially suitable for retail outlets such as marinas, petrol stations with a large number of aggregates and customers, and in cases where customers do not want or cannot get out of the vehicle or sail. The introduction of this mobile cash register increases customer flow, speeds up the billing process and reduces congestion in physical facilities

The ship docks at a petrol station for access to the vessel.

An employee with a mobile POS approaches the ship for refuelling and checks what type of fuel is needed (e.g. blue diesel).

Through mobile POS, the employee unlocks the correct type and/or fuel aggregate and fills the ship’s tank.

The employee prints the invoice directly on board (client data can be entered or selected from the database – directory) and in doing so the client does not have to leave the ship. Payment can be made by cash, cards or through a shipment for wholesale customers and/or a fuel card.

The whole process takes place by direct connection with the ERP and the main cash register. The accounts are then automatically fissured in accordance with the relevant laws.

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