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Loyalty, Prepaid & Closed-loop

Cloud Loyalty & Prepaid solution is suitable for traders of different sizes and the implementation itself is adapted to the existing information infrastructure.

We enable the creation and implementation of various loyalty schemes with quick market exit and even faster adaptation and adaptation opportunities depending on the results of the analysis of the buying and lifestyle habits of your customers.

The solution is suitable for traders of different sizes and compatible with existing IT infrastructure. It can be used in the form of our rented system or by implementing it in the existing infrastructure of the trader.

The backbone of the loyalty scheme is a card whose shape and technology can be tailored to the type of market and your preferences paper: barcode, magnetic, chip or contactless card, mobile phone equipped with NFC chip or contactless pendant.

The loyalty system is managed through a web portal that provides access to point of sale data, assortment, customers, and loyalty marketing actions that can be based on scoring, targeted sales of certain products, discounts and and the like.

and the like. Clients can also monitor the status of their points, actions and other marketing activities of one or more traders if they are loyalty schemes or actions of several traders.

Voucher - top up

Whether it is the sale of tickets, prepaid vouchers of mobile operators, traffic tickets or other vouchers, we offer a solution for application at EFTPOS terminals, ATMs, info desks and kiosks, with payment by bank cards, cash or direct debit of the user’s account. The central system supports the so-called offline mode of work in which, using the rented system for the trader, the system takes into account the balance of vouchers, vouchers sold, available vouchers, and reports to the trader about the current condition with regular filling of the base with new vouchers. Additionally, the exchange of data between traders, clients and banks is carried out. In online mode, internal systems of all stakeholders (traders, banks, clients) are tied up, so the data is exchanged in real time.

Closed-loop payments (Electronic Wallet)

It ensures easy payment of products and services in hotels, tourist destinations, conferences, clubs, etc. Closed-loop payments apply electronic wallet technology and simplified payment processes to provide users with the possibility of non-cash payments with a quick time of implementation of the solution. Payment is based on one of the proven technologies: a contactless card or pendant, a smart chip card or an NFC mobile phone. By filling the electronic wallet at points of sale, directly via a mobile device or through an internet portal, the client can currently dispose of funds on an electronic wallet. As a payment service provider, you have complete control over the status of individual users’ electronic wallets, as well as an overview of the points of sale and their traffic. It is also possible to restrict the acceptance of the card to certain points of sale depending on the business schemes of the product or service. Filling the wallet or transferring money, can be done by cash at the point of sale, by paying by credit card of the bank or, for permanent users of the electronic account, through direct debit of the client’s account (direct debit).

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