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A sporty character, Luka started with us in our service and warehouse department – but thanks to our in-house organizational programs for promoting within has recently graduated to the role of software tester

Let’s let Luka tell us all about his journey here at ETRANET Group…

ETRANET: Walk us through your career with us…

LUKA: I came to ETRANET as a young service and support specialist working with our EFTPOS lineup of Ingenico and Android SmartPOS terminals, and stayed in that role for some 6 years. During that time I’ve attented and finished college, so naturally I set my sights on new roles.

When our ICT department had an opening for a Software Tester, that was my opportunity to transition to a role much more suited to my education and interests. I am grateful to both my at the time direct manager Kruno and my future direct report Mario for the opportunity to make such a transition in-house.

ETRANET: What ‘s it like being a Software Tester?

LUKA: I have a lot on my plate at the moment (laughs). We test and support our own cash register applications under various brands and for various clients, whether they be our own Billy fiscal cash registers, fiscal cash registers under the brand HT Mini fiskalna blagajna or numerous ETFPOS terminals we sell and support for leading banks in Croatia.

In additon to that, I am a part of our UAT (User Acceptance Testing) team for our flagship business applications such as SmartCharge, Gradski parking Šibenik solution and ETRANET Payment. Lastly, I am Partner Support for our partners such as Hobex, Supra, Laka industrija, Kraft and NEXGO.

ETRANET: What makes Luka tick outside of working hours?

LUKA: I guess I’m just a regular guy who likes to play basketball and football, go to movies and play videogames, and spend time with my friends and family.