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Everyone who works for a long time with us knows that we are no strangers to fun and banter, and that we like to relax after a hard day’s work.

Unfortunately, for the last couple of years, due to circumstances known to everyone, we had to pause our group get-togethers, so we couldn’t wait to finally have a party like this for all ETRANET Group employees and our dear friends and business partners.

This year’s party had a Hawaiian theme, so there was no shortage of cheerful and colorful Hawaiian and floral shirts – we took care of traditional Hawaiian lei flower necklaces, so guests should only take a positive attitude with them.

After the stand-up comedy performance of Marine Orsag, none other than the biggest positives – the group TBF – took to the stage and heated up the atmosphere in the audience. And after that, the tireless DJ took over the baton of the party and enticed many to the dance floor.

When a storm started over Zagreb, the party just moved from the terrace inside and partied until the early hours of the morning. You may have noticed that the morning after the party, we got to work a bit slowly and were kind of quiet. Especially those who decided to do after 😉