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As part of our ongoing project “Development of human resources and creation of an employer branding strategy”, it’s time for interactive workshops

ETRANET Group aims to be an organization that develops and improves, and that is a place for all employees where they can
achieve their professional and personal goals, learn, share knowledge and progress.

Considering the great growth of the company in recent years, there was a need to more effectively define
the ways of working, to cooperate better, to lead people, but also to present ourselves adequately to our potential
employees so that they know who we are as a company

That’s why we launched a new project in which we organize short workshops with the aim of better understanding what it’s like to be part of our team every day – what’s good and what can be better.

In cooperation with Hauska i partner, we organized a series of activities and trainings focused on the acquisition of knowledge and skills that are necessary for even better management and development of resources and that will help us in the further development of the human resources management system.

The program of education and workshops takes place in four highly interactive modules during the last quarter of this

It is a dynamic and interesting program with a focus, above all, on the organizational culture and ways of working, the education of team leaders with topics: how to lead people and make them aware of who we are as a company, what it is like to work in the ETRANET Group and ways of articulating clear messages for our current and future employees, why it is good to be part of the ETRANET Group team, where there are areas for improvement, etc.