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First 100K cards have already been delivered, with rest to follow in successive batches

ETRANET Group has renewed our contract with the largest Croatian oil company, INA – Industrija nafte d.d., one of our long-standing clients. In the next 2 years we will deliver in total 250,000 INA cards through successive deliveries for cards with deferred payment, prepaid cards, and voucher cards.

The first batch of 100,000 INA cards has already been processed and delivered to INA.

ETRANET delivers cards according to ISO 7810 and ISO 7813 standards, with magnetic writing according to ISO standard 7811, HiCo, 3 tracks on the back of the card and a 2D/3D hologram placed on the card itself according to the client’s specification.

We will deliver the cards in 3 designs specified by INA – INA Compass, INA Light house and INA Petrol station – used by INA to differentiate various payment models (deferred payment, prepaid, vouchers).