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In these over 20 years that we have been operating in the field of electronic transactions, we have experienced a lot of turmoil in this sector. From electronic transactions, card business, internet banking and receiving cryptocurrencies at points of sale, ETRANET Group always looks one step ahead and follows trends in our sector.

Therefore, we were happy to respond to the proposal that for the magazine News&Views American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia (AmCham Croatia) we would bring our vision of the future relationship between the traditional banking sector and the multitude of fintechs that have sprung up like mushrooms after the rain in recent years to the readers in a professional article.

Although the prevailing view is that banks and fintechs are fierce and incompatible competition, especially in the context of open banking, we are of the opinion that this relationship has the potential to be a partnership, that is, to enable both parties to generate new revenues faster and more efficiently than if they develop the same or similar products separately.

Find the article at the link below, and you can find the complete current AmCham News&Views among all the publications of this organization in the AmCham Reading Room.