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As a company that has been operating in the field of electronic transactions for over 20 years, we have experienced many transformations in this sector over time. From electronic transactions, card business, through internet banking and accepting cryptocurrencies at points of sale, ETRANET Group always looks one step ahead and follows trends in our sector.

Therefore, we were happy to respond to the proposal that for the magazine News&Views American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia (AmCham Croatia) we let the readers’ imaginations run wild in a short professional article and imagine what banking in the AR/VR metaverse would look like.

Stoga smo se rado odazvali prijedlogu da za časopis News&Views American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia (AmCham Croatia) čitateljima u kratkom stručnom članku pustimo mašti na volju i zamislimo kako bi izgledalo bankarenje u AR/VR metaverseu.

Metaverse or metaverse as a new buzzword launched into the world by Facebook (which even changed its name to Meta) is a combination of AR/VR technologies that should permeate everyday life. AR or augmented reality oriented towards smartphones and AR glasses, and VR or virtual reality oriented towards VR headsets have been used for years and announced as the next big thing in various parts of the economy.

For this occasion, we limited ourselves to banking, and tried to imagine how clients could perform some everyday activities in the AR/VR metaverse “bank branch”.

You can find the article at the link below, and you can find the complete current AmCham News&Views among all the publications of this organization in the AmCham Reading Room.